Dual-Matrix Sampling for
Scalable Translucent Material Rendering

Yu-Ting Wu     Tzu-Mao Li     Yu-Hsun Lin     Yung-Yu Chuang
National Taiwan University

Interactive Equal-Time Comparison

Image viewer is borrowed from this page.

All results are generated on a machine with Intel Xeon E5-2650 CPU (2.0 GHz) and 128-GB RAM, using 32 threads.

Scene (click on the image thumb to change comparison)
Sculpture (30 sec.)
Cathedral (30 sec.)
ChessGame (110 sec.)
Room (300 sec.)
Exhibition (300 sec.)

Rendered Results (please zoom in the webpage to see the details)
Two-Pass<br>[Jensen and Buhler 2002]         <br>MSE:0.000347 Single-Pass Lightcuts<br>[Arbree et al. 2008]<br>MSE:0.001420 Our method                                   <br>MSE:0.000114 Reference