Multimedia & Visual Computing Lab. (多媒體視覺計算實驗室)

The Multimedia & Visual Computing Lab in National Taipei University was created by Dr. Yu-Ting Wu in Feb. 2022. The members of the lab pursue research in a wide variety of multimedia topics including computer graphics, extended reality, computer vision, and image processing.

Research Group

吳昱霆 (Yu-Ting Wu) 助理教授

Graduate Students
曾念馨 M2
劉勇佑 M2
王紘毅 M1
周玠妘 M1
劉育雯 M1
陳凱鴻 M0
林彥丞 M0

Undergraduate Students
張智堯 B2
陳子傑 B2
李彥廷 B2
蕭嘉宥 B2

2023 Fall - 2024 Spring: 謝羽軒, 吳宸豪, 蔡杰霖, 魏琦蓁, 林佑倫
2022 Fall - 2023 Spring: 陳佰賢, 陳玥華, 吳昱萱, 余炘璋

Last Update: Sep. 2023