Multimedia & Visual Computing Lab. (多媒體視覺計算實驗室)

The Multimedia & Visual Computing Lab in National Taipei University was created by Dr. Yu-Ting Wu in Feb. 2022. The members of the lab pursue research in a wide variety of multimedia topics including computer graphics, extended reality, computer vision, and image processing.

Research Group


Yu-Ting Wu
吳昱霆 助理教授

Graduate Students

Nien-Hsin Tseng
曾念馨 (M2)
Yung-Yu Liu
劉勇佑 (M2)
Hong-Yi Wang
王紘毅 (M1)
Yu-Wen Liu
劉育雯 (M1)
Chieh-Yun Chou
周玠妘 (M1)

Undergraduate Students

Chen-Hao Wu
吳宸豪 (B3)
Chieh-Lin Tsai
蔡杰霖 (B3)
Yu-Lun Lin
林佑倫 (B3)
Yu-Thung Hsieh
謝羽軒 (B3)
Chi-Chen Wei
魏琦蓁 (B3)


大學部專題生 2022 Fall - 2023 Spring 陳佰賢, 陳玥華, 吳昱萱, 余炘璋

Last Update: Sep. 2023